The easiest way to Peace, Happiness, & your Goals

Why is this personal guidance trajectory for you?



When you find yourself in the middle of a problem, it's hard to see the way out. You don't see clearly, you're stressed.

With a coach by your side, you can let go of it all. I'll help you get through. 


Find solutions

With the right kind of coaching techniques, unexpected insights occur.  Suddenly you'll be able to resolve the puzzle. 

You'll start to think, feel and act differently than before. More positive. More constructive. More pleasant for yourself (and others).  


Create something beautiful

This program will offer you solutions, and healing.

But that's not all there is. It can be something really positive. Happiness. 

Your life, a piece of art. 

What can I expect?

Life Coaching

  • Be who you want to be
  • Conquer obstacles
  • Assertiveness & Self-confidence
  • Making dreams come true
  • Become the architect of your own life

Humanist & Interreligious Spiritual Care

  • Contemplation and finding meaning
  • Therapy
  • What are your perspectives?
  • Ethics & values
  • Your philosophy & spirituality 
  • Finding a way of life that makes you feel good

About Els van de Schoot

Life Coach & Spiritual Counselor

“From now on, I'm a psychologist.” That's what I wrote on a note when I was about 9 years old. I stuck it on the door of our living room;  “ You can visit me for a consult.”

A dream and a passion come true, to now work in this field. 

Study background (2012-2020):

  • the University of Humanistic Studies, BA. Humanistic Studies & MA. Care Ethics
  • Free University of Amsterdam , MA. Spiritual Care
RING GV bevoegd verklaard geestelijk verzorger

Authorization declaration

RING-GV: Council for assessment and authorization of spiritual counselors 

What clients say:

Tina Wisman

Theme: Recovery of trauma

"I wanted to get rid of the anxiety and panic attacks, stemming from an unsafe childhood and narcissistic abuse. I wanted peace in my mind and body.

After our trauma recovery sessions, I felt calm and relieved. There's so much that became clear to me."


Theme: Health issues

"In 2019, I suddenly got confronted with a range of health issues. 

This, among other things, led me to contact Els Ariël van de Schoot for counseling and advice.  It really worked as a sounding board, and it pulled me through...a recommendation!"


Thema: Career switch

"For me it was a personal victory to ask for professional help.

After talking about my dreams with Els, I dare to truly believe in them again."

Linda: ❝

"It surprised me how much became clear to me and how much has changed after 9 sessions.  Els Ariël van de Schoot brought me here trough open questions. This forced me to put some of my old patterns up for discussion. I took steps towards more priority for myself, my needs and ambitions. I'll look into the future, trusting that I can feel free to create a rhythm of life that serves me in the long run."

Linda V.


  • Coaching for approx. 1,5 months
  • 5 Sessions (45 min)
  • Zoom or phone calls
  • Personalized assignments in between sessions


incl.  21% VAT

hiking coaching
  • Coaching for 3 months
  • 5 beautiful walks (1,5h)
  • Around Bilthoven (Utrecht, NL)
  • Get ideas and insights while you move your body and enjoy nature 
  • Personalized assignments in between sessions
  • In case of bad weather, a new appointment will planned



incl. 21% btw

"Everyone can use a coach...!"

All top athletes and CEO's have a coach.  Because it's very wise to confront yourself every now and then.  To challenge yourself. Or to let yourself be nurtured. Progress will be faster and easier with a coach. Whether you want to solve a problem or want to reach a life goal. You're worth it. 

Being Understood & Seen

Maybe no one knows exactly how you feel. Your story deserves to be told. You deserve to be heard and appreciated. By both you and me. 

Relief & Moving forward 

Of course you want things to change. Whether that means you taking action, or you finding a beter way to place things in perspective. 

Enjoy Life

Prepare to laugh together and celebrate everything that deserves celebration. You'll live your life with (more) inspiration and joy!


Where does the coaching take place?

I usually meet my clients over a phone call. It'll give both of us space to take notes, or gaze out of the window while thinking up our best insights. Sometimes, clients love to call while they're enjoying a walk in nature. If you don't live in the European Union, phone calls are charged extra by both our providers. In that case, we can call for free via What's App. 

If you prefer a video call, we can certainly meet via Zoom. This is also our go-to meeting spot when the sound quality of  our phone call isn't great.

If you choose the option for hiking coaching in nature, I'll give you the address of where we'll meet. It will be around Bilthoven (Utrecht, NL).

Can I do the program at a slower pace?


In the beginning, I'd like to talk to you every week. As soon as I get to know you and your story better, we can meet with a lower frequency. Sometimes, I speak to clients only once a month.

The most flexible is when I send you the link to my agenda so you can schedule an appointment yourself, whenever it suits you. 

Can I pay in installments?


Ask me about it during the intake!

In my experience, we can always find a solution that works for us both.  

What kind of techniques do you use?

My sessions usually include a lot of talking time.

I listen. I ask in-depth questions for you to find more clarity. Or so that you may find more helpful perspectives. Sometimes I'll give suggestions. 

Clients often tell me that: 

- They find it very comforting to be seen and heard
- The conversations offer clarity and new understanding of themselves
- They often find more helpful points of view

I also use creative methods. Like therapeutic meditations. Sometimes I'll let you write a poem, or  let you search for pictures that match a theme you're working on. Along the way, we'll find out which methods suits you best.

Most of the time, I'll give you some "homework". It's often about mindset, like reading through helpful thoughts.  But it can also be certain activities I'll ask you to do. For example, an exercise for the new behavior you want to create.  

You're always welcome to tell me which methods you like to use, or don't like to use. You're always free to choose which questions you do and don't want to answer. Or which assignments you do and don't want to do. 

What's your philosophy of life and spirituality?

My philosophy of life
I'm educated as an inter-religious spiritual care-giver. So I have a broad point of view. I like to connect with your source of inspiration. Whether you're an atheist or a Christian, hedonist or Buddhist, capitalist or communist. But I do have my own roots; in humanism, agnosticism and a passion for philosophy, science, yoga and liberal-minded spirituality. 

Skepticism & spirituality
For me skepticism and spirituality go hand by hand. I see spirituality as a search for the truth. And you'll find your truth easier by not believing everything you hear.

And with ' not believing everything' I don't mean 'shooting'  every idea.  So for example, I also mean: don't just believe God DOESN'T exist. Be open to possibilities. 

I like to play with beautiful ideas like 'everything is God', reincarnation, the existence of a spirit world and the journey of a learning soul. I can't  claim these ideas are either true or false. And so a beautiful mystery appears: why do we exist? What is this existence? Is there a purpose, an if so, what is it?  

I like to think of myself as a 'positive agnostic': I know that I don't know much. I feel  amazed and moved by it and I remain passionate about my spirituality. 

My own life goals
As a 6 year old child I knew: I want to improve the word! Let's get rid of war, poverty and animal cruelty.  Thank God I'm not the only one who wants that. And so I chose my own contribution: 

  • To be very good at helping people being happier. It's valuable as it is, but it also means these people have more 'psychologic space' to do good themselves.
  • I hope to inspire people with my lifestyle: I'm vegan, buy second hand as much as I can, I have compensated the CO2 of all my flights, avoid flying now, I live a modest life and donate to charity. 
  • Once a year I host my event:  het Ethiek Revolutie e-festival. Up until now only in Dutch, but I hope to launch the Ethics Revolution E-Festival in English soon (2024/2025). During 9 days full of webinars with different inspirational speakers, you can learn everything about contributing to the world.



During our free call I take my time to really get to know you. Together we'll figure out if, and how I can help you. 

Even if you decide not to continue, this call will be useful to you: 

You had the chance to tell your story. You get better insights on what is bothering you, and clarity about what you want to do with it. Often clients receive some useful tips. 

What professionals say about me:

Bahar Farschi Jamshidaby

Body Oriented Art based Therapist

"Els is a real 'gem' with her depth, wisdom, freshness and love.

She offers her reflections and a space full of patient and soft attention in which you can explore your own theme."

Marie-José van Bolhuis

Spiritual Counselor at GGZ NHN

"I recommend Els van de Schoot as a committed spiritual counselor. She combines an open-minded and sincere interest with a lot of experience in working online.

With her to-the-point questions and calm radiance, she knows how to stimulate people to examine their life questions and thus gain more insight into the road they want to take". 

Janette de Haan

"One thing I really appreciate about Els' way of questioning is that she seems very  aware of things, asks clear questions and listens carefully to your answers.  And she has a wide vocabulary when it comes to feelings. 

Very inspiring."


  • Coaching for approx. 1,5 months
  • 5 Sessions (45 min)
  • Zoom or phone calls
  • Personalized assignments in between sessions


incl.  21% VAT

hiking coaching
  • Coaching for 3 months
  • 5 beautiful walks (1,5h)
  • Around Bilthoven (Utrecht, NL)
  • Get ideas and insights while you move your body and enjoy nature 
  • Personalized assignments in between sessions
  • In case of bad weather, a new appointment will planned



incl. 21% btw